Hi. My name is Jonathan Reeve. I'm a PhD candidate in computational literary analysis at Columbia University. I write computer programs that help us understand novels and poetry.

  • Adventures in Reproducing 19th Century Digital Humanities Projects
  • Isolating Literary Style with Raymond Queneau
  • Workshop Notebook: Advanced Topics in Word Embeddings
  • Fingerprinting the Chapter
  • Computationally Identifying Similar Books in Project Gutenberg
  • A Project Gutenberg Database for Text Mining
  • The Henry James Sentence: New Quantitative Approaches
  • A Macro-Etymological Analysis of The Canterbury Tales
  • Probabilistic Detection of Character Voices in Fiction
  • A Generator of Socratic Dialogues
  • Chapterize: a Tool for Automatically Splitting Electronic Texts into Chapters
  • A Macro-Etymological Analysis of Milton’s Paradise Lost
  • Macroetym: a Command-Line Tool for Macro-Etymological Textual Analysis
  • A Programmatic Generator for Pound's Cantos
  • Tag, Catalog, Iterate: A Non-Linear Analysis of Katherine Mansfield's "The Garden Party"
  • Introducing Git-Lit
  • A Macro-Etymological Analysis of James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
  • A Bookmarklet For Creating Annotags
    annotationopen source
  • A Proposal for a Corpus Sharing Protocol
  • Imperial Voices: Gender and Social Class among Shakespeare's Characters, a Stylometric Approach
  • Detecting Literary Chiaroscuro in Eliot, Dickens, and other Victorian Novelists
  • A Macro-Etymological Analysis of Character Dialog in Virginia Woolf's The Waves
  • Annotag Calculator 1.0
  • A Comparative Macro-Etymology of Whitman Editions
  • Hacking at the Open Syllabus Project: Collocations by Subject
  • Introducing the Macro-Etymological Analyzer
  • Announcing Annotags: A Concept for a Decentralized Literary Annotation Protocol
  • Virginia Woolf's The Waves: A TEI Edition