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Applications of Distributed Version Control Technology to the Creation of Digital Scholarly Editions

Jonathan Reeve

Group for Experimental Methods in the Humanities

Columbia University


What is version control, and why should I care?

As textual scholars, we care about:

So do version control systems! It’s a perfect match!

Problems with Electronic Texts

Version control systems:

About version control systems:

Version Control is Useful


git checkout <change number>

git revert <change number>

git merge <branch name>

Version Control is Efficient

Fruit v1.0: apples, oranges, bananas Fruit v1.1: apples, oranges, bananas, pineapples

Ordinary filesystem:

Version control system

Git database contains parts:

Versions are compiled from these parts:

Distributed Version Control

Version Control Cloud Services

Collaboration Tools

Project Management


Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities

Commit History
Commit History




About GITenberg


About Git-Lit

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