an Application of Distributed Version Control Technology toward the Creation of 50,000 Digital Scholarly Editions

Jonathan Reeve

Columbia University

The British Library Corpus

  • ~49,500 scanned and OCRed books from the British Library
  • Not available online—shipped through the mail on a hard drive
  • Largest ever (soon-to-be) downloadable digital literary corpus?
  • Enormous potential for text mining, digital literary studies
Histogram of Publication Years
Histogram of Publication Years


Unshared corpora

  • Corpora are not often shared in DH
  • This makes DH experiments unrepeatable
  • Bad science!


Etexts lack editorial history

  • Especially early Project Gutenberg texts
  • Who edited a text? When? Where?
  • What edits were made?


Corpora are difficult to assemble

  • Compiling a corpus of, say, 19th century Bildungsromane, traditionally requires manually assembling and cleaning texts
  • This process should be automated


Centralized data stores ("data silos")

  • What happens when the site goes down?
  • When the project loses funding?
  • e.g. TextGrid



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Distributed Version Control (Git)

  • Logs the history of every edit, editor, revision
  • Stores the complete state of the text at every revision
  • Decentralized: repository-agnostic
  • Allows for democratic scholarly editing

Git is MacGyver

Git is MacGyver
Git is MacGyver


Git Submodules

  • Allow arbitrary curation of texts into collections
  • E.g. 18th Century British poetry
  • Collections aren't necessarily mutually exclusive



  • Allows for easy discoverability of corpora
  • Enables issue tracking, charting of contributor networks
  • Allows for viewing and editing files directly in the browser


ALTO -> Markdown -> Jekyll ->

  • Allows casual editing of the text in markdown
  • Creates beautiful web editions for each text via

Call for Contributions