Curriculum Vitae

Jonathan Reeve


Doctor of PhilosophyEnglish and Comparative LiteratureColumbia U2023-10
Master of PhilosophyEnglish and Comparative LiteratureColumbia U2019-5
Master of ArtsEnglish and Comparative LiteratureColumbia U2016-5
Master of ArtsHumanitiesNew York U2014-1
Master of ArtsEnglish LiteratureBrooklyn College, City U of New York2010-5
Bachelor of ArtsInterdisciplinaryNew York U2004-1


Mapping Data Ethics


A survey of literature and curricula surrounding data science ethics.

Multilingual Digital Humanities


A catalog of text analysis resources in, and for, languages other than English.

  • 2019-1news

    Website released, in Esperanto, English, German, Italian, Mandarin, Korean, Catalan, and French.



Open-source, semantically annotated scholarly editions of literary texts.



A database and API for plain text archives, for digital humanities research.

Middlemarch Critical Histories


Computational analyses of the critical history of George Eliot’s novel Middlemarch. In collaboration with Milan Terlunen, Sierra Eckert, Columbia University’s Group for Experimental Methods in the Humanities, and the Stanford Literary Lab.

Literary Style Transfer


Experiments in the transfer of literary style among genres, using neural networks. A collaboration with Katy Gero, Chris Kedzie, and Lydia Chilton.

A Generator of Socratic Dialogues


A generator of Socratic dialogues, using meta-Markov chains to emulate character speech.



A Project to Parse, Version Control, and Publish ~50,000 British Library Electronic Books



A protocol for a literary metadata hashtag that provides the ability to livetweet books, electronic documents, and other texts.



A command-line tool for breaking a text into chapters

    Macro-Etymological Text Analysis


    Computational methods applying etymology and language history to textual analysis.



    Fuzzy text matching and alignment algorithms.



    A highly customizable theme for the Omeka content management system.


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