2019-05Columbia UniversityPhD CandidateEnglish and Comparative Literature
2019-05Columbia UniversityMaster of PhilosophyEnglish and Comparative Literature
2016-05Columbia UniversityMaster of ArtsEnglish and Comparative Literature
2014-01New York UniversityMaster of ArtsHumanities
2010-05Brooklyn CollegeMaster of ArtsEnglish Literature
2004-01New York UniversityBachelor of ArtsInterdisciplinary



(2015-09 - )Open-source, semantically annotated scholarly editions of literary texts.
  • 2017-10 talkThe Open Critical Editions of James Joyceat Joyce in the Digital Age Conference, Columbia U
  • 2018-01 talkOpen-Source Scholarly Editions of Works by James Joyceat Montclair State University
  • 2020-02 awardSecond runner-up, Best DH Dataset, 2019 DH Awards
  • 2020-05 publicationOpen Editions Onlineat James Joyce Quarterly [forthcoming]


(2017-03 - )A database and API for plain text archives, for digital humanities research.
  • 2017-09 jobAwarded 2017 Columbia University Libraries Digital Centers Internship
  • 2017-10 awardWinner, 2017 NYCDH Graduate Student Project Award
  • 2018-01 fundingGrant awarded from NYC-DH (New York City Digital Humanities)
  • 2019-01 awardNominated for the 2018 DH Awards

Literary Style Transfer

(2019-05 - 2019-10)Experiments in transfer of literary style, using neural networks
  • A collaboration with Katy Gero, Chris Kedzie, and Lydia Chilton.

Middlemarch Critical Histories

(2016-01 - )Computational analyses of the critical history of George Eliot's novel Middlemarch.

A Generator of Socratic Dialogues

(2016-10 - 2016-11)A generator of Socratic dialogues, using meta-Markov chains to emulate character speech.


(2015-08 - )A Project to Parse, Version Control, and Publish ~50,000 British Library Electronic Books


(2014-01 - )A protocol for a literary metadata hashtag that provides the ability to livetweet books, electronic documents, and other texts.


(2016-08 - )A command-line tool for breaking a text into chapters.

Macro-Etymological Text Analysis

(2013-09 - )Computational methods applying etymology and language history to textual analysis.

Talks and Conference Presentations

  • 2018-01"Open-Source Scholarly Editions of Works by James Joyce"at Montclair State University
  • 2017-10"The Open Critical Editions of James Joyce"at Joyce in the Digital Age Conference, Columbia U
  • 2017-02"Middlemarch Critical Histories: Initial Findings"at Stanford Literary Lab
  • 2017-01"Git-Lit: an Application of Distributed Version Control Technology Toward the Creation of 50,000 Digital Scholarly Editions"at Modern Language Association Convention
  • 2016-07"Git-Lit: an Application of Distributed Version Control Technology Toward the Creation of 50,000 Digital Scholarly Editions"at Digital Humanities 2016, Krakow, Poland
  • 2015-05"Annotags: A Decentralized Literary Annotation Protocol"at I Annotate 2015



Positions and Freelance Clients

2015-11 - 2017-07DHBox, City University of New York
    2017-06 - 2018-07"A Safer Online Public Square," Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, Columbia University
      2015-05 - 2015-10Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation
        2013-11 - 2015-08Modern Language Association
          2012-06 - 2015-01New York University, History Department
            2012-07 - 2012-09Thomas Riggs & Company, Publishers
              • Authored six articles for the 2013 reference volume The Manifesto in Literature: Richard Stallman's "The GNU Manifesto," John Barlow's "A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace," and several others

              Teaching and Workshops

              • 2018-07 — 2018-08, 2019-07 — 2019-08course"Introduction to Computational Literary Analysis,"Digital Humanities Summer Minor Program, U California, Berkeley
              • 2019-10 – 2019-11workshop"Text Analysis with Python,"Foundations for Research Computing, Columbia U
                • A three-workshop series.
              • 2018-09 — 2018-12course"Literary Texts and Critical Methods,"Department of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia U
              • 2018-06workshop"Web APIs with Python,"Digital Humanities Summer Institute, U of Victoria, Canada
                • Co-taught with Stephen Zweibel, Patrick Smyth, and Jojo Karlin
              • 2017-11workshop"Text Analysis with SpaCy and Scikit-Learn,"PyData NYC, Microsoft
              • 2017-09 — 2019-05course"University Writing with Readings in the Data Sciences,"Department of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia U
              • 2017-11workshop"An Introduction to Semantic Markup and Computational Analysis of Ulysses,"Finnegan's Waves, U Buffalo
              • 2017-04workshop"An Introduction to Text Analysis and Visualization,"Art of Data Visualization Week, Columbia U
              • 2017-02workshop"Advanced Text Analysis with SpaCy and TextaCy,"2017 NYCDH Week, New York U
              • 2016-09 — 2016-12course (TA)"James Joyce,"Department of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia U
                • Led a weekly discussion section in Joyce’s Ulysses
              • 2016-04workshop"An Introduction to Version Control with Git,"Society for Textual Scholarship
              • 2016-04workshop"An Introduction to Visualizing Text with Python,"Art of Data Visualization, Columbia U
              • 2016-02workshop""Text Editing with Vim","NYCDH Week 2016, Columbia U
              • 2016-01 — 2016-05course (TA)"History of the English Language,"Department of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia U
              • 2012-09 — 2012-12course (TA)"Computing in the Humanities,"Department of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia U
                • Lectured in BASH scripting, command-line image manipulation
              • 2012-11 — 2012-05course"Writing 300: Research Paper Writing,"English Department, City U of New York, York College
                • Taught two sections per semester
              • 2010-11 — 2011-05course"Reading 100, Writing 100,"Vietnam National U, Hanoi, Vietnam
              • 2009-08 — 2010-06course"English 1 (composition, nonfiction readings); English 2 (composition, readings in literature),"City U of New York, Brooklyn College
              • 2005-03 — 2006-01course"Reading 100, Writing 100,"Missouri State U, Branch Campus, Dalian, China

              Affiliations and Professional Activities