Curriculum Vitae

Jonathan Reeve


Sept. 2015 - Present: PhD Student, Columbia University

May 2016 Master of Arts, English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University

Jan. 2014 Master of Arts, Humanities, New York University

May 2010 Master of Arts, Literature, Brooklyn College

Jan. 2004 Bachelor of Arts, Individualized Study, New York University


Nov. '13 - Aug. '15 Modern Language Association: Web Developer

June '12 - Jan. '15 New York University, History Department: Web Developer

June '12 - Aug. '15 Margaret Sanger Papers Project: Programmer

July '12 - Sept. '12 Thomas Riggs & Company, Publishers: Research Writer

  • Authored six articles for the 2013 reference volume The Manifesto in Literature:
    • Richard Stallman's "The GNU Manifesto," John Barlow's "A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace," and several others


Nov. '15 - Present DHBox, City University of New York

May '15 - Oct. '15 Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation


Feb. ‘17 “Advanced Text Analysis with SpaCy and TextaCy”

Apr. '16 "An Introduction to Version Control with Git"

Apr. ‘16 “An Introduction to Visualizing Text with Python”

Feb. '16 NYCDH Week Workshop: "Text Editing with Vim"


Sept. ‘16 - Present Columbia University, Department of English and Comparative Literature: Teaching Assistant

  • Led a weekly discussion section in Joyce’s Ulysses for the course “James Joyce”

Sept. '12 – Dec. '12 New York University, Computer Science Department: Teaching Assistant

  • Tutored students in the undergraduate course Computing in the Humanities
  • Lectured in BASH scripting, command-line image manipulation

Sept. '11 - May '12 City University of New York, York College: Adjunct Lecturer

  • Taught four sections of Writing 300: research paper writing

Nov. '10 - May '11 Vietnam National University: English Instructor

  • Taught one section of Reading/Writing, and one section of Speaking at VNU's International School in Hanoi

Aug. '09 - June '10 City University of New York, Brooklyn College: Adjunct Lecturer

  • Taught one section of English 1 (composition, nonfiction readings) and a section of English 2 (composition, readings in literature)

Mar. '05 - Jan. '06 Missouri State University: Adjunct Instructor

  • Taught Reading and Writing to first- and second-year international students at MSU's branch campus in Dalian, China.

Languages and Technical Skills

Languages: Python, PHP, BASH/ZSH, jQuery, XSL. Working knowledge of: Ruby, Javascript

Markup Languages: HTML, CSS, Sass, XML, TEI XML, LaTeX, Markdown

Frameworks, CMSs: Jekyll, WordPress, BuddyPress, Commons in a Box, Omeka. Some experience with ZEND, Django, and Flask.

Databases: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL

Servers and OSs: GNU/Linux LAMP and LEMP stacks, especially Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, and Debian; Unix; MacOS

Applications: Vim, Git, Bazaar, GIMP, VMWare, LibreOffice

Skills: Web development, web design, computational text analysis, natural language processing, archival textual markup, database management, command-line scripting, version control, virtualization

Natural Languages: English: native; French: advanced (Test de connaissance du français, Level 4); Mandarin Chinese: advanced; Irish, German, Italian, Japanese: beginner


"A Macro-Etymological Analysis of James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man", Reading Modernism with Machines, Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.

"Installing Omeka", The Programming Historian, 2016.

Articles in The Manifesto in Literature, Thomas Riggs & Co, Eds., Gale Cengage; 2013.

  • "Richard Stallman: GNU Manifesto" (vol. 3, 355-7)
  • "John Perry Barlow: A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace" (vol. 3, 349-51)
  • "Huey Newton: The Black Panther Party Platform" (vol. 3, 269-72)
  • "Anselme Bellegarrigue: Anarchist Manifesto" (vol 1, 175-8)
  • "Emma Goldman: Anarchism, What it Really Stands For" (vol. 2, 273-5)
  • "Rosa Luxemburg: Spartacus Manifesto" (vol. 2, 339-41)

Poems anthologized:

  • 2011 A Gathering of the Tribes
  • 2009 Arsenic Lobster Anthology

Conference Presentations

2017, 2016 “Git-Lit: an Application of Distributed Version Control Technology toward the Creation of 50,000 Digital Scholarly Editions”

April 2016 "Applications of Distributed Version Control Technology to the Creation of Digital Scholarly Editions"

  • Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Textual Scholarship, Ottawa

March 2015 "Imperial Voices": a Stylometric Approach to the Study of Social Class among Shakespearean Characters

July 2014 "Macro-Etymological Textual Analysis: a Computational Application of Language History to Literary Criticism"

April 2013 "Toward a Social Literary Annotation Engine"

Oct. 2012 "Elementaire, a Customizable Omeka Theme"

Dec. 2011 The Art of Good Behavior, a digital literary archive in TEI XML of a 19th-century etiquette manual

  • Presented initial findings, NYU Workshop in Archival Practice
  • Presented completed work, Yale University Digital Humanities Forum, Feb '12

June 2011 "Hypertext Joyce: Building a Hypertext Ulysses with Open Source"

  • Paper delivered at the 2011 North American James Joyce Conference

May 2010 "Dominance and Domine: Toward a Post-Religious Criticism of James Joyce's Ulysses,"

  • Paper delivered at "Deconstructing the Gods," Graduate English Conference, City University of New York, Brooklyn College

Digital Projects

Sept. 2016 - Present Middlemarch Critical Histories

Sept. 2016 A Generator of Socratic Dialogues

July 2016 Chapterize: A Tool for Automatically Splittle Electronic Texts into Chapters

Jan 2016: Infinite Library, a universal web-based ereader that connects to GitHub (Project GITenberg) to search, save, and render books in the browser.

Aug. 2015 - Present: Git-Lit: An Open Source Project to Parse, Version Control, and Publish ~50,000 British Library Electronic Books

Jul. 2015 - Present: A Portrait of the Artist as a TEI XML File: an Open, Collaborative Scholarly Edition of James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

  • A collaborative TEI XML scholarly edition of James Joyce's novel A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, using rich markup. Generated from a text recently released from the Oxford Text Archive.
  • Nov. 2015, Presented at Digital Editions Making Encounter, Group for Experimental Methods in the Humanities, Columbia University

Dec. 2013 - Sept. 2015: Contributor to the open-source projects:

  • Buddypress: social networking WordPress plugin. Over 2.2 million downloads
  • Buddypress Docs: collaborative authoring tool for WordPress. Over 80,000 downloads
  • Commons in a Box: social networking software suite, used by CUNY, SUNY, and many others. Over 12,000 downloads
  • CAC-Advanced-Profiles: engine for member portfolios used by the CUNY Academic Commons
  • CBOX-MLA, the WordPress theme and customization layer that powers the MLA Commons
  • CBOX-Auth, the authentication system for the MLA Commons.

July 2014: Open Syllabus Project

  • Developed categorizers for determining the subject of scraped syllabi
  • Performed collocations analyses by subject

June 2014: Twitter Poet

  • In collaboration with mathematician Rachel Levanger, designed a Twitter bot that generates poems based on trending Twitter topics in the styles of 20th century poets

Jan. 2014 - Present: Annotags

Sept. 2013 - Present: The Macro-Etymological Analyzer

Nov. 2013 - The Waves: a TEI XML Edition

  • A TEI XML edition of Virginia Woolf's novel, with dialog markup that facilitates dialog extraction

Jan. 2013 - Dec. 2013: New York University Digital Humanities Working Group Epigraphs Project

Affiliations and Professional Activities